Chiropractic for Children

Many parents bring their children to a chiropractor for assessment. As kids are generally active and healthy they may not need the same kind of treatment as adults, but kids still experience pain and dysfunction especially after injuries and falls. Even the birthing process can cause stress on the spine and nervous system of a child – especially if their birth was long or traumatic or they were delivered with the assistance of forceps/ vacuum.

Chiropractors are trained to assess babies from birth and can identify musculoskeletal issues, muscular tension, and joints that are not moving properly. Some signs that may indicate your baby’s spine has some dysfunction are trouble with latching (especially if they are only latching on one side), not moving their limbs symmetrically and trouble moving through developmental stages (eg. sitting/ crawling).

Chiropractors always take into consideration the size and age of a child when choosing what technique to use. Chiropractors do not perform manual adjustments on children under the age of 2 years, however, babies can be treated from the day of birth using a variety of safe, gentle and effective techniques.