Happy #worldwaterday ! What a perfect day for it 🌧 What does water mean to you?

Any of my patients will know that I constantly talk about the importance of drinking enough water. And with very good reason! Did you know that our muscles and spinal discs are made of approximately 80% water, and that your brain and nervous system are about 73% water? 💧

Water is our body’s main way of getting rid of waste, so if we are dehydrated, this job becomes much harder. Waste is created from many processes that happen in the body including healing, digestion, movement and even breathing 🤕🍎🤸‍♀️🌬 That means that dehydration will affect just about every function of your body and can be a contributor to back pain, spinal degeneration and cramping 😧

So how do you get your daily H2O? 🚰 My recommendation as a general rule is to drink 1L of pure water for every 25kg you weigh per day. If you’re having trouble remembering try setting alarms or you could use a water tracking app. Let me know if you have your own way of remembering to drink enough!